afiros Condominium Manager


Zafiros Condominium Manager It is an online system that, through its different modules, allows you to efficiently, cleanly and transparently manage the flow of information, projects, suggestions, income, expenses, administrative reports and charges for the administration of your residence and / or community. It is important to keep abreast of everything that happens in our condominium, and many times our daily work makes this work impossible for us, Zafiros Condominium Manager It makes this task easier, it allows you to access all the information of your condo from a smartphone, tablet or computer with only an Internet connection. Additionally, you can give your opinion on the work in progress or those already executed and until you approve or not the execution of future projects for its realization. With Zafiros Condominium Manager participating in your condominium is easier.

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Stay informed and review everything that happens in your community.


Check the status and progress of the projects in your condominium and vote for those proposed in the assemblies.


Send suggestions and / or proposals to the condominium board to be evaluated and executed within the community.


Couldn't you attend an assembly? Find out about the proposals and commitments acquired in the general assemblies and the condominium meeting


Check important dates: use of social and recreational areas, maintenance of areas or equipment, assemblies, scheduled service cuts and much more.

Statement of Accounts

Review and report income, expenses and account statements. Evaluate the monthly and accumulated graphs of income and expenses.


Stay informed of everyone's debt in the community.

What Our Customers Opinion

Every day there are more condominiums and communities happy with Sapphires, as it helps them to efficiently solve communication between their inhabitants and financial control between them, clear accounts is what is achieved with Zafiros Condominium Manager. We present some testimonials.


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